Young lawyer’s career path of the legal profession – Thoughts 

I’ve a great chance to join virtual showcase sessions which are organized by the International Bar Association for week Nov 25 to Nov 29, 2021. Most of my favorite topic is Young lawyer insides in the shape of the future of the legal profession, this project global online survey was conducted by Young Lawyer’s Committee, was open between April and August 2020, with 3,056 respondents with aged 40 or under to gather quantitative and qualitative date from young lawyers practicing in the legal procession around the world.

The main job role is Solicitor, accounting for 41 percent of the total, followed by the Advocate/ Solicitor-advocate with 31 percent and Barrister with 10 percent.  Solicitor is a type of lawyer in Britain and Australia, equivalent to Attorney as in U.S regulation system, who is trained to present and defend client’s legal interests and provide legal advice.

A career as solicitor can be rewarding and intellectually challenging, and it takes a lot of commitment. Thereby, the negative impact on career profession, that can lead people leaving their role by likely to leave profession, salary is top on the list, it took 45 percent, go after are workload with 40 percent and impact on mental health with 40 percent, the young lawyer should be recognized and balanced it on the way of their profession, what’s need to prepare for this journey. I, personally, thanks to IBA for such meaningful showcases.

About an author, Tham Tran is Founder and Managing Partner of TTVN Legal. She specialized in advising foreign investments in Vietnam, in the sector of healthcare and education and immigration. She belongs to young lawyer generation in Vietnam, with the orientation to integrate the legal profession in the world, she shaped herself in career when she turned to university of law and obtained her practicing license, she has helping and inspiring the number of legal students and entry level of legal profession to determine their role to develop their profession career.