We offer the services that support our corporate Clients in detecting business and legal risks, corporate formation and governance, subsidiary governance and board-related matters, day-to-day legal operational matters, contract processes, government and internal investigations, legal team operations and efficiency measures via the “Retainer for Legal Services”, we will act as a legal department or legal advisor inside the business to assist Clients with legal issues and perform legal work at the request. Our services include:

  • Legal consulting to the operation of business;
  • Consulting solutions to remove legal obstacles and barriers for business operations;
  • Consulting for early alert of legal risks;
  • Consulting to handle unusual problems on legal side;
  • Consulting and reviewing the internal document system;
  • Consulting and supporting to organize the General Meeting of Shareholders/ Board of Members (if any);
  • Consulting and drafting working procedures of departments;
  • On-site legal advice if necessary;
  • Providing legal update information.

With a fixed fee, Clients receive the exeptional Values

  • A highly professional service
  • The advices are independent and objective
  • Better protect and limit legal risks
  • Better cost management