Vietnam International Medical Exhibition 2022: A Significant Event for Attracting Foreign Investment

In 2022, the Vietnam International Medical Exhibition was held from September 14 to 17 in Ho Chi Minh City. This event attracted the attention of numerous investors from over 20 countries and territories who came to seek partnerships and explore the Vietnamese market.

Key Highlights of Vietnam International Medical Exhibition 2022

The exhibition served not only as a pivotal event for promoting trade but also as an opportunity for businesses in the medical sector to engage in discussions and showcase their products and services.

This gathering brought together various manufacturers and businesses specializing in medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, functional foods, machinery, pharmaceutical/cosmetic packaging, medical services, cosmetics, as well as technology, medical software, and work products.

Trade Activities and Seminars at Vietnam International Medical Exhibition 2022

In addition to trade programs, the Exhibition organized several themed seminars to provide updates and disseminate new regulations regarding medical equipment management and support policies from state agencies.

These seminars are also served as a platform for informing progress about new regulations regarding drug and medicinal ingredient registration. Lawyer Tham, a representative from TTVN Legal, participated in this important seminar series and shared valuable insights into legal regulations within the medical field in Vietnam.

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