Obtaining a Medical License to Practice in Vietnam

Frequent question we’ve seen on several expat forums, that is how a foreign doctor can legally practice in Vietnam? Hereby, it will be discussed on this article in the framework of the Vietnamese regulations, the subject to foreigner doctors come to work in Vietnam.

Doctor is belonging to the list of occupations requiring a medical practice certificate (hereinafter referred as a “certificate”). Foreign doctor will be granted a certificate if he/she is fulfilling these conditions 

  • Having a professional diplomas granted or recognized in Vietnam;
  • Certifying the practice process;
  • Having a certificate of health in good physical to practice;
  • Satisfy the requirements on language use in medical examination and treatment;
  • Having criminal records certified by a competent authority if applicable;
  • Having a work permit or exemption from work permit certificate issued by a competent Vietnamese authority.

How you can start practicing legally in Vietnam? You should find the sponsorship where you wish to work. We believe the sponsor facilities will have their own evaluation of the possibility for being granted a certificate to candidates.

As a foreign doctor, along with, you proactively prepare the necessary elements that allow you eligible for a certificate, the highlight points:

  • Check whether your professional qualifications are recognized in Vietnam and completed the recognition procedure in accordance with our regulations. The recognition of medical examination, treatment practice certificates among countries shall comply with the provisions of international agreements or international treaties to which the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a member. We recommend that you consult from legal experts to assist you in completing this procedure.
  • Contact to the hospital for the eighteen (18) months practice as a doctor and must have a written certification of this practice.
  • Learn Vietnamese and be recognized fluently. If you do not know Vietnamese fluently, you need to find a qualified interpreter. You can have more advice from language education specialists, legal experts to assist you in fulfilling this requirement.

The Minister of Health shall grant medical practice certificates to foreigners who come to practice medical examination and treatment in Vietnam. This certificate is issued once and is valid throughout the country.

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 Note: This article is for informational purposes only and it is not a legal advice. The content of the article represents its own of TTVN Legal, it subject to change without prior notice.