How to Register a Representative Office in VietNam

Registering a Representative Office is one of the legal ways that a foreign trader can do when accessing the Vietnamese market. In order to provide specific guidance on this matter, Vietnamese law has provided for the right to register Representative Offices of foreign traders and related procedures and processes. Read more

Representative Office in VietNam: Rights and Obligations

The legal rights and interests of a Representative Office in Vietnam will be protected by Vietnamese law, within the scope of permitted activities recorded in the License for Establishment of a Representative Office. This is. an important issue that needs to be taken care of by a foreign trader to make it easier to decide on the establishment and operation. Read more

How is the Vietnam Representative Office Taxed ?

Based on the activities, tac obligations of the Representative Office in Vietnam, the Representative Office do not income tax and value added tax, with holding personal income tax for employees if that recruited worker; registering and declaring contractor tax if profitable activities in Vietnam. Read more

How to Close a Representative Office in Vietnam

Closing a Representative Office of a foreign trader in Vietnam is the termination of the legal entity status that has been granted an operation license at the request of a foreign trader or in accordance with the law. Regarding this issue, Vietnamese law has specific provisions on how to close a Representative Office and the order and procedures to be carried out. Read more